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EPC Project Logistics Services including: hydropower, thermal power stations, wind power station, High-speed Rail, petroleum and natural gas, infrastructure, cement, metallurgy, vehicles and other industries. Transport products include: large engineering equipment, construction equipment, mining equipment, power equipment, wind machine, oil and gas equipment, oil tank, super size, super weight and large goods vehicles, ships and break bulk boilers, etc.. Resource ...
SCM logistics supply chain management Services related to: global supermarket chain, transnational procurement business, distribution business, door-to-door service to the shelf / shelves Transport products include: various types of consumer goods How can we do the SCM logistics supply chain management? Since we have a holistic view, and attention to detail. We plan before action
The service contents include: port to port, airport to airport, docks, storage and transportation to the factory Products include: General cargo transportation The integration of resources and the owner, CMA, MAERSK: MSC, HPL, UASC and CA global airlines signed;, KE, JL, UA, LH of global contract